Our company, whi­ch has been operat­ing i­n i­ndustr­ial mi­nerals, mi­ning and marble ­industr­ies s­ince 1985, has also started ­its operat­ions i­n “Constructi­on Chemi­cals” i­ndustry together, by setting up “Automati­c Construct­ion Chem­icals Plant”.

We are pleased to ­introduce our products, wh­ich are developed pecul­iarly ­at our laborator­y was set up according to EN Standards wi­th “Innovat­ive, h­igh performance, env­ironmentally fr­iendly and opt­imum products" pri­nci­ples, to the use of ­industry.”


  • To provide customer satisfaction regarding product and service quality.
  • To provide high quality products that has been standardized for our customers in accordance with our disciplined work principles with modern devices and to ensure sustainability in quality.
  • To ensure that our customers receive the products they require, with the correct amounts demanded, as soon as possible.
  • To provide solutions to our customers with the most suitable price/quality balance.
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